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Other SFS Communities have a link to the forum, so I thought that by a matter of courtesy, we must have a link to them as well.

- The Official SFS Forum's Discord Server -

The community server for the Spaceflight Simulator Forums! Talk about anything relating to spaceflight or whatever interests you, or just get some feedback on your SFS builds. Feel free to join and share the link:

- Other SFS Communities -

• The SFS Main Server on Discord! Join the Spaceflight Simulator Discord Server!

• Join our community on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SpaceflightSimulator/

• Our wiki!: Spaceflight Simulator Wiki & its discord Join the Spaceflight Simulator Wiki Discord Server!

- Other Community Languages (Also on Discord) -
• Español: Join the Spaceflight Simulator - ES Discord Server!
• Русский : Spaceflight Simulator | VK
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