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Hello everyone.

This year we've had some problems with forum accounts being compromised and taken over by spam bots.

As far we can observe, it is only likely to happen in several ways, the most relevant of which are:
  • If you reuse your log-in details on other websites that get hacked, because it is a common automated practice to try stolen log-in details on other websites to try get more matches.
    • So, reminder, do not reuse passwords across different websites.
  • Another common way is that hackers make a list of all the members here, and try to log-in to every one of them by trying a simple list of most common passwords (12345, etc, I'm sure you know what I mean).
    • So second reminder, use strong passwords that are not easy to guess. We all know about using a mix of special characters etc, but if that's hard to remember you can also open a random word generator and randomly combine multiple words in a nonsensical sentence, this is also pretty strong.
As for the actual compromised accounts, never click on suspicious links that get posted.
This applies for every website and app you visit, you always have to watch out what you click on.
If you see a suspicious link or post on the forums, do not click it or respond to it. Just report the post to staff using the report button under every message and we will take care of it.

If you're smart with your security details, then you're at greatly decreased risk of suffering a compromised account.