Some easter eggs that will be in MMW 1.1.5 [WARNING! SPOILERS!]


Ok so here i will show you easter eggs that i came up with and that will be in 1.1.5 uptade.
The idea of the easter eggs was based on what i saw during making this pack. When i was going to add Kruger 60 system i saw article on Wikipedia that said something about our Interstellar visitor: Comet Borisov.
I readed that POLISH scientists predicted that this comet is from Kruger 60 system so i though: Hmmm maybe i will add it to the game and its gonna circle the Kruger 60 A (in a binary systems i always pick star with letter A as the center) because it came from there. But i decided that i will not add it and now this comet will be one of easter eggs so when 1.1.5 uptade will be out go search to the Kruger 60 system ;)
PS If you had some ideas for easter eggs write them here i will be thankfull :)