Spaceflight Simulator Real Solar System (SFS RSS) V0.1

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Spaceflight Simulator Real Solar System V0.1 is here!

- To scale Solar System containing major bodies out to Jupiter, including Ceres, with radii and corresponding surface gravities correctly accounting for flattening.
- Near true-colored planetary and atmosphere textures produced with spectra data and simulation program, respectively.
- Real life planetary terrains for the inner planets[1] and Ceres produced with data from USGS. Any sufficiently large topographical feature on the equator is included.
- Accurate atmosphere densities[2] and heights[3].

[1]: Since Venus' topography map is incomplete, a partially fictional map is used.
[2]: under an assumption. See README file for more technical information.
[3]: under a unique definition. See README file for more technical information.

Download here!

Installation: After downloading, extract the file into the Custom Solar Systems folder. This should make the system show up as an option when creating a new save.

Credits: People involved in the creation of this project and sources of materials used to create it are credited in the README file.