To bear the knowledge of my sins is more than enough for me to repent for my soul

Hi. Here's a little fun fact, when you try to commit to a project, life likes to hit you like a truck. Sorry I haven't been working on anything recently, life has decided for me to be the sole bearer of its lemons and hit me with the worst things possible: 2 tornadoes (literally), a modest amount of zero wifi in the place that i live, the thoughts and contemplations of my sins and to know that i have forsaken my soul to a painful eternity to match the horror that this project has given me, and worst of all... no boneless chicken i am sad.

The changes
I almost dropped this project like a kid dropping his ice-cream after getting hit by a bus, however I persevered. Weekly updates have been moved to Monday, with mod updates every 2 weeks. I've also got a plan for how the mod should work and i think someone should decide this for me; either I make the parts then integrate them into the library i shall make, or make the library and use the library to make the parts (and there's a chance i might go mia for like a month but have results.

The Conclusion
I swear to the jesus that is sfs engineer, i will stab the person who's screaming "the conclusion" and "the changes" and shit once i see his punch-able face. Anyway, the boneless chicken in the last post is a little complex, the first 4 letters "BONE" can be found at the beginning of each sentence with the man screaming "the conclusion" and shit, and the "LESS" part can be found in the uppercase letters in the final paragraph. Once i can get a better computer set up i can work a lot more seamlessly and updates will be more consistent. Thank you for your time, may god have mercy on my soul.