Voyager quest challenge rebalanced


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Dear forumers,

It's now been a few months that we added this new challenge to team Frontier. However, despite the fact that people liked this challenge, it appeared to be very difficult, especially for team Frontier.

That's why we took the decision to rebalance the challenge. The probe to send is the same, but the mass limit has been increased to 265 tons (from 250 before).

Additionally, we made a tutorial to give some help to players who would still get stuck on it. This challenge is about optimization regarding many aspects of the game, the tutorial covers them all.

Hopefully, the new rule will make the Voyager quest reasonably challenging, less frustrating, and will help new players to get better to the game.

We sincerely congratulate the few members who got it by the old rule, and we invite those who failed it to give it another try.