1. I

    Texture Editing

    I'm interested in editing the textures slightly. nothing elaborate just a color change and maybe a logo or symbol. I've looked for .asset editors or is it as simple as a .png?
  2. M

    Complete Solar System ❤️

    The complete solar system with even the dwarf planets: -5 Planets -20 Moons -4 Asteroids
  3. SFSbro

    How to make textures for the textureloader? (SFSML)

    Guys, I am trying to make a texture pack that uses the SFS texture loader, the method I've used is editing a copied version of the default textures, but when I load t in SFS, the textures always have a white background! This is the texturepack I made in MS paint, but I've also tried removing the...
  4. F

    Open spacex texturepack

    How can I make texturepacks? I want to make a spacex texturepack.
  5. R

    How to Install SFS Mods and Texture Packs

    At time of writing, Modding is only possible for PC and Android systems. The latest version is SFS 1.35 for PC and SFS 1.31 for Android. Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the Base game of SFS. You can find the download links in the Information and Downloads channel on Discord Code Mods...
  6. D

    Lancer's Texture Packs (v.1.35)

    This thread contains texture packs i made in SFS Discord. Currently, there are only CCCP texpack, SSAD texpack. FOR VERSION 1.35 CCCP Texture Pack V.01 for SFS 1.35. A texture pack with CCCP USSR flags, and cyrillic writings, also fueltanks and other stuffs are recoloured to green, currently...