Robert's apology.

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Discord ID: 563533039704080397
Date: 6/6/20
Reason for ban: Inappropriate behavior
Why I should be unbanned: I am extremely sorry for the behavior I've caused, I made a joke that was intended to be inappropriate, I knew it was against the rules. When I posted It I wasn't really thinking anything would happen, In my stupid mind I thought maybe this would be kind of funny if I posted this second-meaning joke that's against the rules. My apologies for what I have caused, I should of never done it, I instantly regretted it as soon as I posted the joke, which is why I edited the message to not sound so Inappropriate. I am really sorry, I will not behave as such as I have before. I am currently 13 years old living in Houston Texas. I promise I will not expose such behavior as I had before. the sfs server is my favorite server, my intent was never to get banned, I just thought posting an against the rules joke wouldn't be too bad. I'm so sorry, I hate myself for my actions. And I am sorry for making things difficult for the mods. I hope you have an wonderful day.
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Not open for further replies.