planet pack

  1. SolarLantern

    [REQUEST] Does anybody have some example things (like Black Holes, Stars, ect.)?

    So I am wanting to make a planet pack except for the fact that I can't duplicate the base game planets and that kinda sucks. Now I would have to type the script which would be WAY too hard for me and it would take a lot of time (and my energy). So I am looking for a few types of objects that are...
  2. Hermes

    Planet Pack Testing

    I have a planet pack I want people to test. It is very incomplete and am not even sure if it works. I just gets stuck at loading for me. I anyone can get it to work let me know and post some screenshots.
  3. Flight Russian Man

    Solar System Extended [New!][v1.2 full]

    All name and info matches with other mods are random This mod including all space bodies of Sun, Trappist-1, Alpha Centauri and Caph Cassiopeia. Also: 1. Dwarf planets of main Asteroid Belt, Bennu 2. Dwarf planets of Kuiper Belt with their moons 3. High quality original textures on every planet...

    Realistic Earth

    Chances are, you’ve been to Earth before. Its a nice place. So nice in fact that I’ve lived here for a little more than 15 years. Hi there! Chances are, you’ve noticed that SFS’s Earth doesn’t quite like the real one. Doesn’t quite look to par, does it? Well, that is what this planet pack...
  5. Henri

    Halis System Planet Pack 1.5 !!!!

    The Halis System is fictional So far there are only 32 moons planets whatever this is the first version of the pack All textures in the pack are original made by me
  6. AstroM Android

    Go Beyond 4.0 Planet Pack (Update)

    New update of the channel planet pack, Go Beyond, with many bug fixes and VARIOUS new things! Come and try it, if your phone has at least 5 RAM Download Video:
  7. AstroM Android

    Go Beyond 3.0 Planet Pack

    Go Beyond Planet pack in the 3rd official version, come and experience the Milky Way galaxy and the Great Magellanic Cloud, with a total of 74 stars and 92 planets in the pack, with the most varied options, such as: TRAPPIST-1; 55 Cancri; Alpha Centauri; Kepler-90; Kepler-62; And many...
  8. Marerjh


    Go beyond the Solar System and colonize other stars! There is are 3 new systems: Bernard's Star, Proxima Centauri and TRAPPIST-1, that orbiting a giant black hole Sagittarius A*. Each star has its own planets - large and small, similar to hell and favorable for the development of life. Become...
  9. Max (idk)

    Beyond Earth Planet pack

    My planet pack (Beyond Earth) this is my planet pack based on the beyond kerbin for KSP. In my pack the sun became an Red Giant and already ate mercury and an captured gas giant who came to near the sun and earth is inhabitatble and humans fled to mars and terraformed it (you will now launch...
  10. Gurren Lagann

    Planet Waziya

    Welcome to Waziya! Waziya is a green gas giant with giant rings. Its made of hydrogen, flourine, clorine and helium. It has 5 major moons, all named after women in greek mythology: From outermost to innermost: Anaxarete, a blue moon with strong scars: Galanthis, the most notable icy moon...
  11. Gurren Lagann

    Actually Complete Solar System (ACSS) Release Thread

    Welcome to ACSS! Actually Complete Solar System, or ACSS for short, is a massive solar system expansion pack, featuring 251 new solar system bodies (list in the README.txt file). ACSS is currently at Version 1.0, so more SSBs will come! Credits to the packs i used (that i remenber) are also...
  12. Gurren Lagann

    Actually Complete Solar System (ACSS) Development Thread - and list of ACSS bodies

    This is the development thread for ACSS. Here you can follow the pack while its not released. ACSS Current Bodies, closest to farthest - WIP list (Bold = planets and dwarf planets, Italic = Major Solar System region, Underline = Minor Solar System region): The Sun¹ Mercury¹ Venus¹ Earth¹ The...
  13. S

    Bennu Asteroid Download

    Hello all, Please find below my first 'planet' creation. The asteroid 101955 Bennu. Accurate size and gravity as well as shape. Quite a tricky little asteroid to land on due to its low gravitational pull and rocky surface. Its orbit lies between Mars and the Earth. Now you can recreate the...