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I did the moon mission and I also use Apollo
First you dont post it here but create a new thread in Team Titan section, second you need to provide screenshot while doing mission meaning you will most likely need to do it again

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All photo is from one rocket actually this Rocket have manned and big rover to the moon and manned is back home
Again, post them where they are supposed to be, which is here:
Team Entries
You should also read the instructions we made for each Team's missions, so you know which screenshots are required.

Also, the missions have a progressive order. Even if you dominate the game, you have to do all the missions in order. First Team Titan, then Frontier, and finally Team Hawk. I mean, you can work on them in the order you want, but you're not gonna get a badge unless you complete the previous ones.
Ok so it took me a while to set up. Here are the basic requirements:

Team RCS:
- Register an account.

Team Titan:
- Single launch Lunar landing and safe landing back on Earth, cheat free and damage free.

Team Frontier:
- Do a Mars return trip with landing, on same terms as Team Titan requirements.
- Build a complete space station cheat free in LEO constructed from at least 4 separately launched parts. Complete means it has solar panels, hab, an escape craft, separate docking area for arriving spacecraft and the ability to change its own orbit without the help of the escape craft or any docked spacecraft.
-Launch and send an interstellar probe. (Blueprint supplied) within the limit mass of 250 tons. No gravity assists, nor Ion engines.

Team Hawk: (any 3 will qualify you)
- Build a fully reusable spacecraft. All parts must be recovered, reattached refuelled, reloaded with a new payload and relaunched to orbit from the launchpad on Earth. Vehicle must be composed of multiple stages. SSTOs do not qualify.
- Build a shuttle approved by TtTOtW or Blazer.
- Build a rocket that can deliver 600t to orbit untouched, within the normal DLC build grid (including payload). Base game players 200t. 1.35 285t.
- Perform a damage free Mercury landing with the supplied quicksave. No other craft may be launched.
- Plan and execute a mission to any Jovian moon, land on it, and return to Earth undamaged. For base game players, plan a flyby of all planets and moon's, and execute it with a final Earth landing.
-Create a working 1:1 scale replica of a real rocket/shuttle. Your replica must be approved by either Blazer or Marmilo.

Every task adds or enhanced some sort of forum permission or perk. The remaining teams will be expanded upon in the following post.

Picture of the probe for Voyager Quest challenge:
View attachment 68527

Downloadable Files:
Blueprint of the interstellar payload and quicksave for the Mercury landing.
What if we already have done one but don't have a screenshot or smth?


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Then you do it again. Revert quicksave to before the point where you forgot the screenshot.

You were quicksaving, right?