Winners of the July contest.


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First of all, you're amazing. :)
We got lots of submissions this month, and it was hard to decide who should win.

Marmilo wins, because of his elaborate constructions AND good rocketry.

Honorable mention to CST-100 for their rocketry, doing it all in one legal launch is impressive.

Here to Stay:
This was extra tricky, because this is where the majority of the submissions were in. :)

The epic chicken wins due to pairing an impressive base with good rocketry, and even added functionality in the form of astronauts.

Honorable mentions to Mars Pathfinder for managing to do it with shuttle-derived hardware, and to yonkee for the design of the base modules.

Overall winner:
It was decided that The epic chicken be the overall winner of the contest due to doing very nicely in base design, rocketry and adding functionality.
Anyone would be satisfied to live in such a moon base, with a neat return rocket on standby. :D

The category winners Marmilo and The epic chicken will get their category badges updated soon, which award unlimited editing time and deletion time on their posts.
Additionally, Chicken will get an overall winner badge that in addition gives the power to bypass the thread approval process in sections that require it. Use it wisely.

And so closes our most successful contest yet.
We'll be taking a little break before the next one.


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Both categories winners made very impressive bases, masterful BP-Editing skills and base design!


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such a shame i couldn't finish mine, the best was yet to come...
Anyway, congrats The epic chicken on a fantastic base, you inspired me to make my base fully accesible to the astronauts. Originally it would be just the airlock. When I finish my base one day, you'll see what i mean.
To you other particapants, good job, nice to see people particapate and make good entries for challenges.
And thank you Mooncrasher for concocting an engaging competition that gave me and others a creativity outlet.
gg, wp everyone
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The epic chicken

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Thanks everyone

To all other participants, those were some amazing bases you made, I really liked seeing all the creativity