Actually Complete Solar System (ACSS) Release Thread


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Is there anyway this pack could be troubleshooted and fixed to work on realistic mode on steam?
Kormak I had a feeling this question would come up, it's not very straightforward on how to download from GitHub. Since I have the site up now, I've added a Download button...

Laika SFS - ACSS Planet Pack

Alternatively you can use this direct download link...

Laika SFS - ACSS Planet Pack - Download

BUT if you really wanted to get source from GitHub (or in case others do), just click the green "Code" button and select the bottom option "Download ZIP".
None of these link work?


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Until Laika comes back, I'll try and update ACSS to the best of my ability, and I have a sort of a to-do list
1. Finally remove all pre1.5 planet formats
2. add the rest of the accurate Orbital Data
3. add the "hasOxygen" tag to all with atmosphere Data(doesn't matter if Earth is the only one that's true)


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Welcome to ACSS!

Actually Complete Solar System, or ACSS for short, is a massive solar system expansion pack, featuring 251 new solar system bodies (list in the README.txt file).

ACSS is currently at Version 1.0, so more SSBs will come!

Credits to the packs i used (that i remenber) are also in the README.txt, so please read the file! Also thanks to everyone* whose packs i used!

* - Brian_Felipe, SpaceSimXplore, BANDWITH and Discord users Astrônomo (now Earth and Moon), Quantikos, Dahmond, Flefliker, and StayHigh

A tip for installing the pack:
When installing the pack, do not put everything at once! I, myself, put all of the textures first, then i put the planet data files in groups of 42.


1.0 - Release - New SSBs: 197

Download link (the file is too big for the forums)

1.0.1 - Fix
- Actually added Makemake (thanks Biofatal)
- Added warning to the Readme file

1.0.2 - Fix
- Fixed the shape of Bennu and Ryugu (thanks Discord user Negative)

1.1 - The Kuiper Update
- Fixed the spikyness in the surfaces of Psyche and Ceres
- Added 39 (or 40?) new solar system bodies
- Added rings to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune
- Correctly scaled Saturn's rings
- Added day-night cycles for Venus, Earth, Mars and Pluto

Dang, unworking link(
I’m pretty confused of the whole downloading process for this custom world so could you guys make I video for iPhone/android on how to download it?