1. Bored Engineer

    (New member) - SpaceX(ish) Starlink - 2 stage (both reusable) - Satellite Constellation

    Hello everybody. I'm a SFS 1.5 - Foundation Update user and have been playing for a while however never really serious till recently. This is my SpaceX inspired platform I created to launch a Starlink constellation into orbit. Each launch lifts 15 satellites into orbit and both 1st and 2nd...
  2. J

    My new collection of rockets!!!

    Delta rockets Atlas Some historical Some are modern I also compacted the zip file so it can be downloaded really quickly. It takes full 4 hours 47 minutes and 26 seconds to complete the rockets I love building replica rockets even in sr2 and ksp. What will I build next time? tell me in the...
  3. Earl

    My Falcon 9 Replica (WIP)

    This is my work in progress falcon 9 Replica. It will be as close to real scale as I can get. Oh, it also uses bp editing. I attached the bp I have so far.
  4. Skylark rayz

    Falcon 9 SpaceX

  5. The Spirit of the France

    Falcon Heavy

    My Falcon Heavy. I spent so much time working on it... (The rocket is fully reusable.) Here is the result of my work. Hope you enjoy !
  6. BenjaSFS☆☆☆

    The legendary Falcon 1

  7. Rockets_everywhere

    Rockets_Everywhere's SpaceX pack

    This is the SpaceX pack, that includes every SpaceX rockets I've ever did. Includes: -The Falcon 1 -The Grasshopper -The Falcon 9r -The Falcon 9 -The Falcon 9 dragon cargo -The Falcon 9 crew dragon -The Falcon Heavy -The Falcon Heavy testflight -The "Mars Explore" mission -The ITS -The BFR -The...
  8. Rockets_everywhere

    Starship soaring into the sky and launchtower glitch.

    Only problem: the launch tower always explodes when the SuperHeavy comes back, so I use "unbreakable parts" on. Do someone knows how to correct this glitch ?
  9. Rockets_everywhere

    First post, Starman.

  10. K


  11. Lolbit_isawesome

    Falcon Heavy Launch Party

    Hello! The Falcon Heavy Rocket is launching today at 8:00 pm EST, and as i do live in Florida, all i need to do to view the rocket is step outside. Use this thread to talk about the rocket and ill make sure to post pictures from my front lawn
  12. Falcore Heavy

    Realisticness is best : )

    Make an Electron, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Delta IV Heavy BP editing is allowed Show screenshot of all four Wish you luck : )
  13. SupremeDorian

    My reusable Falcon 9!

    @TtTOtW @Altaïr @GuHP20 So, remember that Falcon 9 I made? Well, now it's reusable! The Soviets wanted me to send in their Sputnik Ultra payloads (don't tell them I said this, but they're pretty much exactly the same as the Sputnik-1) Anyway, like I said, this one is reusable. And not...
  14. SupremeDorian

    My Falcon 9

    So, a couple of weeks ago I decided to try to make a Falcon 9, and so I did just that. (Maybe. It's a bit of a fat Falcon 9 but it works) Anyway, the first stage can indeed be landed back on earth. I'm not sure if it can land back on the launchpad, but it can land. (P.S, any advice on doing...
  15. GuHP20

    The Falcon family.

    Falcon 1: Falcon 9: Falcon Heavy: BFR(Big Falcon Rocket):
  16. F

    SpaceX's Tesla

    I came up with an idea of sending a Tesla (fake) to Mars. I designed a rocket like this: and here is my final work: A tip of T wore off. Anyway, it succeeded, and hopefully it can rush around at about 12m/s. Requirements: 1. Latest SFS 2. Infinite fuel 3. Paid Pack 4. Mars Driving License...